Sunday Mornings 10am

KCA Kids- meets at 10:00 am every Sunday morning. We know your kids will have a blast as they learn about this amazing God who loves them. 

We make safety a first priority. All children who attend are checked in and out through our planning center system. We want parents to to feel at ease and enjoy gatherings, knowing their kids are with background checked volunteers who are leading an environment where kids will have fun learning about Jesus.


Wednesday Nights at 7pm


*We are currently on break from our weekly schedule during summer, for information about summer events contact us.

KCA KID LIFE is a program designed for both boys an girls kindergarten through 5th grade. KID LIFE is a faith based program that teaches kids fundamental truths of our Christian Faith while also learning exciting adventure skills! Kids join in worship, learn about God, play games build projects, and participate in adventures. Many of our adventures include camping, hiking, fishing and archery. Through our program participants earn ranking and skill badges.

If you have any further questions regarding KCA KID LIFE feel free to contact us!

Camps, outings, off site events- Our calendar year is full of many opportunities for Kids to encounter Jesus and build relationships with one another. If your child is interested in attending one of these events make sure to fill out the 2018 student event waiver. The online waiver can be found by clicking on the events tab above. Stay Connected with us, to be a part of all that KCA youth has to offer.